What is the difference between 200 lb. test boxes and 32 ECT boxes?

UPS Strength Guidelines

Uline and UPS recommend 200 lb. test boxes, which provide more strength and protection than 32 ECT boxes – a lightweight alternative.

  • 200 lb. test refers to bursting strength, while 32 ECT refers to stacking strength. Boxes that meet 200 lb. test will also exceed 32 ECT stacking strength.
  • 200 lb. test boxes require a heavier paper grade and have a bursting strength of up to 60% greater than 32 ECT boxes.
  • 200 lb. test boxes perform more consistently.

Look at the box certificate stamp to identify your box

Box Certificate ECT Box Stamp
07/20/2019 06:39:02 AM; USWEB8 -0-0/0.0-1