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White House - US Flag - I'm from Chicago, too. I thought I'd take a crack at my version of Hope and Change 2017.

Chicago's Murder Count – Every Monday morning the city announces the death count for the past weekend. Last year, 762 were killed and 4,331 were shot in Chicago; it was the deadliest year in nearly two decades. That's beyond distressing for such a great city.

Marijuana – Have the politicians gone mad? Marijuana stays in your system for at least 5 days. This can affect Uline warehouse employees who go up 30 feet in the air to pick products off the shelves. It affects your children or grandchildren, who may be busy telling you it's safer than alcohol. It's bad news. It remains a gateway drug.

Term Limits for Politicians – We need to do what's right for the country and not the constant battle for money and re-election. The term limits need to be revisited.

Foreign Policy – Get one. The best college course I ever had was called "Deterrence and Defense." The strongest guy on the playground has a responsibility.

Affordable Healthcare – It's a "no can do" right now for middle-class people working for smaller companies. It's unfair for the unemployed to receive free healthcare while the premiums for the middle class have largely shot to the moon.

State of California – Stop! The rules and regulations of this state are unbearable. Whether it's lunch breaks or VOCs in aerosols – the list goes on and on. California needs a turnaround. Boy is Texas happy.

Trade Policy – We can't undo a number of the deals now in place, especially with our friends in Mexico and Canada. But going forward, we need to level the playing field for the unemployed and for the workers whose plants have been shut down in small towns.

The Press and Pollsters – They have been put on notice for poor performance. We don't need to go there.

Jobs/Food Stamps – There are 47 million folks out of a U.S. population of 324 million who are currently Liz Uihlein Portrait and Signature receiving food stamps. This is just too high of a number.

Will we be better off in four years?
Who knows? But let's give it a try.

White House - US Flag - I'm from Chicago, too. I thought I'd take a crack at my version of Hope and Change 2017.

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