Uline Logo Workbench Tabletop Guide

Composite Wood Composite Wood Composite wood with lacquer finish is an economical, all-purpose work surface. Can be sanded and refinished. Avoid excess water, oil and strong cleaning agents. Recommended for light-duty applications. 1 1/2" Rounded
Laminate Laminate Easy-to-clean, smooth laminate surface is perfect for light-duty applications. Resists stains, scratches and impact. Recommended for shipping departments and assembly areas. 1 5/8" Rounded
ESD ESD Smooth ESD laminate top provides for a safe work surface for static sensitive products. Resists stains, scratches and impact. Includes grounding snap and cord. Recommended for IT offices and electronics industry. 1 5/8" Rounded
Phenolic Phenolic Long-lasting and durable phenolic top is highly resistant to chemicals, bacteria, scratches and moisture. Withstands heat exposure up to 350°F. Recommended for laboratories and chemical plants. 1" Squared
Steel Steel Durable 12-gauge steel will not crack, warp or buckle. Suitable for heavy-duty applications. Powder-coat finish resists oils and solvents. Recommended for industrial use, warehouses and machine shops. 1 1/2" Squared
Maple The most durable and impact-resistant tabletop. Sound deadening. Lacquer finish provides a smooth surface. Can be sanded and refinished to restore sleek maple look. Recommended for carpentry and manufacturing. 1 3/4" Rounded or
Stainless Steel Stainless
Polished stainless steel top with particle board core for durability. Type 304 resists rust and corrosion. Recommended for laboratories and automotive shops. 1 5/8" Squared
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