Uline Logo Dock Boards and Dock Plates Guide

Height Differential

The difference in height between the dock and the truck bed. Most trailers feature a 55" truck bed height. Refrigerated trailers are usually 59".

Height Differential

The dock board width should exceed the overall width of the pallet or vehicle used by at least 12-18". Wider boards allow for improved mobility and efficiency.


Dock Plate: The capacity must exceed the combined weight of the heaviest load and the vehicle's weight.

Dock Board: Three times the vehicle lifting capacity. More for three-wheeled forklifts.

Capacity Selection Chart
Lifting Capacity (LBS.) Board
Capacity (LBS.)
3-Wheel Forklift 4-Wheel Forklift
2,000-2,500 2,000-3,000 10,000
2,500-3,500 3,000-5,000 15,000
3,500-5,000 5,000-6,000 20,000
5,000-6,200 5,000-8,000 25,000
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