Tax Information
Tax rates are determined by the shipping address of an order (tax in IL and TX is based on Uline's warehouse address).

State laws require Uline to have exemption certificates from all customers who claim a tax exemption. If the exemption certificate is not received, Uline is required by law to charge tax in all US States and the District of Columbia except DE, MT, NH & OR.

If your business qualifies for a tax exemption, a properly completed exemption certificate must be submitted to Uline's Tax Department. Once we have received your exemption certificate(s), your account will be updated within one business day.

Tax on your order will be adjusted based on the certificate if processed prior to the order invoicing. For a credit of tax on an invoiced order, please contact the Tax Department.

A Uline Exemption Analyst will contact you if the certificate received is incomplete and details will be provided to complete the certificate.

  • Click Here for printable instructions.
  • To create a Tax Exemption Certificate, select the Create Tax Exemption button below.
  • You can also email your completed Tax Exemption Certificate or fax it to 262-612-4276.
    • Documents such as IRS letters, W-9's and state issued permits/licenses are generally not acceptable forms to claim a tax exemption. Provide your state issued number (ex. Tax ID, Exemption Number, etc.) on a valid exemption certificate.
    • If submitting a certificate requiring a description of exempt items, the section must be completed, and indicative of products purchased from Uline.
    • Verify the name on your exemption certificate matches the name on the account.
    • Certificates requiring a signature must be physically signed to be valid.
    • Certificates must be completed in their entirety.
    • Uploaded documents must be in an electronic format (.pdf, .tif, .jpg, .bmp).

Questions? Please don't hesitate to contact a Uline Exemption Analyst at or 888-362-1909 . We are available Monday – Friday, 7:30am – 8:15pm CST and will respond promptly to your request.

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