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Instructions for Preparing Your Application
Please familiarize yourself with our business – visit our website, request a catalog and read through it before completing the application. Evaluate how your product offering will complement or enhance Uline’s current product assortment.

PLEASE NOTE: The Prospective Supplier Form is designed to be completed in its entirety once you have begun answering the questions. The questionnaire can not be saved and restarted. If the session is closed, all inputted data will be lost and you will have to restart the process.

Step 1 Before you begin, please print a hard copy of the Prospective Supplier PDF Form and review it. Determine who in your organization is best positioned to provide the required information. Send out the Form to your team and request that they e-mail their responses to you. Once all inputs have been received, move onto Step 2.

Step 2 Complete the Online Prospective Supplier Form. Begin this process by clicking on the button below.

Step 3 Mail any supporting documentation (such as brochures, pricing, equipment lists, pictures, portfolios, presentations, information sheets, articles, press releases, etc.) to the following address:

Uline, Inc.
12575 Uline Drive
Pleasant Prairie, WI 53158
Attn: Prospective Supplier - Merchandising

Step 4 If you choose to send in samples, please note that they will not be returned.

Step 5 If you send any supporting materials, please indicate which product category you selected on the form.

Step 6 When your Prospective Supplier Information has been submitted, it will automatically be forwarded to the appropriate Product Management group for review and consideration.

NOTE: If there is interest in your product or questions regarding your information, you will be contacted. Please do not call or send follow-up emails, since we will not know the status of your information after it has been routed to the appropriate Product Manager.

Prospective Supplier PDF Form
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