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September 1, 2020

Uline's Response to COVID-19

We are tremendously proud of our team at Uline. Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, Uline has continued to provide essential supplies for organizations and efforts on the front lines of this pandemic, including hospitals, healthcare workers, COVID-19 testing stations, local law enforcement, government agencies, food suppliers and transportation companies. In addition, thousands of essential businesses, large and small, rely on us each day so they can continue to serve our communities.

The health and safety of Uline employees continues to be our top priority. Uline has instituted numerous changes to normal operating policies to respond to COVID-19, including additional deep cleaning, implementing social distancing practices and paid leave for any employee who has contracted COVID-19 until released by a doctor. Uline will continue to evaluate and adjust policies to adapt to the changing needs of employees.

We remain committed to supporting our customers who are working to keep our citizens and our communities safe and healthy at this time.

Commitment to Employees

To protect employees who work on-site, Uline has implemented the following measures:

  • CDC-recommended sanitization and physical distancing measures at all facilities.
  • Temperature checks prior to beginning of each work day.
  • Access to protective materials including, but not limited to, hand sanitizer, gloves, masks and disinfecting wipes.
  • Adjusted Customer Pick Up procedures, including limits to the number of customers allowed in at one time.

Effective August 30, Uline is providing an additional $5 per hour on top of base pay for all warehouse employees. Uline is grateful to the dedicated staff members and their efforts to manage recent increases in order volume. To recognize this and thank them, the additional pay premium will be effective through the end of the year.

Essential Work in Action

Despite all the challenges this pandemic has presented, Uline remains committed to supporting our customers by providing the highest levels of service and quality.

Uline's diverse products are helping businesses continue to adapt. Below are just a few examples of the ways Uline's 6,500 employees are helping make a difference in communities across the United States, Canada and Mexico:

  • Drive-Through Testing Centers: Uline played a key role in supplying the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services necessary materials to set up COVID-19 testing locations across the country. The orders included protective clothing, insulated shipping materials, specimen bags, traffic cones and face masks.
  • Healthcare Materials: Many healthcare systems, hospitals and corporations have contacted Uline to place orders for necessary items for front-line workers. These items include face masks and other protective clothing, as well as shelving, storage bins and shipping boxes, which will be used across the country to help prepare hospitals for COVID-19 patients.
  • Plexiglass Protective Shields for Grocery Stores: In the past month, Uline fulfilled large orders for plexiglass sheets, the majority of which were used to protect front-line employees at grocery stores and other essential businesses that remain open.
  • Packaging for Small Businesses, Nonprofits and the Service Industry: When restaurant and bar dining rooms closed, many transitioned to carry-out. Uline's products enable restaurants to safely package carry-out and to-go orders. These packaging materials are also allowing nonprofits and food banks to distribute free/low-cost meals to those in need.

Customer Testimonials

“You guys at Uline are angels. The folks we are working with at the White House, CDC and USAID want to thank all of the Uline employees who have helped pull off this operation.” – U.S. Health and Human Services

I am just so glad you all are open and have the products you do. Our residents and recipients feel so much safer knowing their food is packaged and safe in your containers.” – Kingsport Meals on Wheels

“Wow! It is impressive that when I call, Uline is still answering the calls immediately. I love it!” – Dyson, Inc.

“The customer service that I have received from Uline has been nothing short of amazing. Your friendly customer service team has always been prompt and courteous, and the turnaround from purchase order to receipt of goods has been impeccable. Thank you so much for being such a reliable source.” – Alberta Health Services

This summary is intended to inform the public about steps Uline is taking to promote worker safety. Uline employees should consult with Human Resources for complete information. Uline reserves the right to modify at any time.



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