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Electrical Tape
3M 23Conformable tape easily insulates and seals high voltage cables.
3M 27High-temperature, high-strength glass cloth tape for splicing and insulation.
3M 33+Premium grade all-weather vinyl tape for splicing and insulation.
3M 35Color-coded to quickly identify electrical phases, circuits and leads.
3M 69Very high temperature tape. For mining machines, transformer leads, motor controls.
3M 70Instantly fuses together. Protects from corrosion and weathering.
3M 88Premium grade all-weather vinyl tape for splicing.
3M 88TAll weather vinyl tape for the telephone industry.
3M 130CVery high voltage insulating, splicing, moisture sealing. Conformable, linerless rubber tape.
3M 1615Indoor / outdoor general purpose insulating tape.
3M 1700Economical, general purpose indoor tape.
3M 2155Self-fusing. Seal and insulate motor leads and cable connectors.
3M 2228Pad, seal and insulate with very thick conformable tape.
3M 2242Conformable, linerless rubber tape for all voltage splicing.
3M 2520 Insulate bus bars, service drops and motor leads.
Cotton Friction Tape
3M 1755Cut-through and abrasion protection for wire and cable splices.