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Film Tape
High tack. Conformable. Abrasion resistant.
3M 470Masking during electroplating.
3M 471Premium grade. Aisle and safety markings or color coding.
3M 472Outdoor use. Thickest vinyl tape available.
3M 484Mask during electroplating and anodizing. Easy removal.
3M 764General purpose color coding and aisle marking.
3M 766General purpose. Warehouse marking. Yellow / Black.
3M 767General purpose. Safety equipment. Red / white.
3M 5700Marks lanes, identifies safety hazard areas. White/Black.
3M 5702Marks lanes, identifies safety hazard areas. Yellow/Black.
Strong backing for heavy duty splicing and sealing.
3M 335Protects surfaces during fabrication, shipping and storage. Pink.
3M 336Protects surfaces during fabrication, shipping and storage. Transparent.
3M 396Instantly bonds to hard-to-stick materials such as polyester or polyethylene.
3M 850General purpose. Clean removal.
3M 851Masks circuit boards during production and repair.
3M 853High tension splicing tape.
3M 854Protect surfaces during gold plating.
3M 856Edge reinforcement tape. Conformable.
3M 1280Protect printed circuit boards during electroplating.
3M 8402High temperature. Bond silicone coated surfaces.
3M 8403For splicing silicone-coated papers.
3M 8411Edge reinforcement tape.
3M 8412Edge reinforcement tape. Heavy Duty.
3M 8901Powder coated paint masking.
3M 8902High-temperature masking. Thicker, high-tensile strength.
3M 8905Highest tensile strength tape for powder coated paint masking.
3M 8911High-temperature masking. Transparent. Thin masking.
3M 8992High-temperature powder coat masking.
Conformable. High resistance to abrasion and chemicals.
3M 480Clear acrylic adhesive for nearly invisible repairs.
3M 483General purpose sealing, splicing, labeling.
Long-lasting surface protection. Conformable.
3M 8561Surface protection tape for industrial use.
3M 8663Protection from rocks, scuff and rust.
3M 8671Airline industry-grade protective tape.
3M 8672Transparent general purpose outdoor grade protective tape.
Protects machine parts. Anti-stick. Easy to remove.
3M 5151General purpose surface tape for conveyor chutes and printing rollers. High temperature, low friction.
3M 5180General purpose, anti-stick tape for laminating machines.
3M 5153Surface tape for industrial equipment. Abrasion resistant.
3M 5451Surface tape for heat sealers. High temperature, low friction.
3M 5453Heavy-duty surface tape for heat sealers. High abrasion resistance for long life. High temperature, low friction.
3M 5480Anti-stick for wrapping rollers. Very conformable.
3M 5481Anti-stick for wrapping rollers, plates, belts. Heavy duty, conformable.
3M 5490Wrap web rollers for smooth material flow. Slippery, lays flat.
3M 5491Extend service life on belts and rollers.
Advanced composite and metal bonding tape.
3M 855High temperature masking. Silicone-free adhesive for clean removal.
Metal Foil Tape


Indoor and outdoor holding, sealing and patching.
3M 363High temperature. Protects heat-sensitive cables and instruments.
3M 3311General purpose. Fix ducts and minimize leaks.
3M 425Versatile. Seal ducts, repair trucks, protect parts and equipment.
3M 427Linered. Protects parts and equipment.
3M 431Highly conformable. Permanently seal and patch trucks and equipment.
3M 433High temperature. Wrap engine supports and insulation blankets.
3M 438Heavy duty. Protects appliance wires.
3M 2552Sound and vibration damping foil tape.


Radiation, moisture barrier. Electrically and thermally conductive.
3M 420Excellent conformability. Mask out for electroplating, paint stripping.
3M 421Linerless, lead tape. Shields from radiation and moisture.


EMI/RFI shielding. Electrical bonding and component mounting.
3M 3313Conformable. Protects against interference.
Slick Surface Tape


Reduces friction, noise and vibration in equipment.
3M 5401Silicone backing for non-stick traction on printing press rollers.
3M 5421Abrasion resistant. Provides an anti-stick surface. Protects equipment from wear.
3M 5423Thicker anti-stick surface tape. Abrasion resistant.
3M 5430Reduces squeaks in vehicles and equipment. Transparent.
3M 9324Reduces squeaks in vehicles and equipment. Black.
3M 9325Reduces squeaks in vehicles and equipment. Transparent.