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Artwork Size:

•   Can only print on the face of the stay-flat.
•   Artwork cannot exceed the printable area.

Printable Area

•   Printable Area is defined by the size of the border on all sides of the envelope.
•   Tab Locking Style - sizes 7 x 9 and smaller have a 1/4" border. All other sizes have a 1" border.
•   Self Seal Style - sizes 7 x 9 and smaller have a 1/4" border. All other sizes have a 1/2" border.

Accepted File Formats

•  Adobe Illustrator (Preferred method)
•  EPS (must be exact size of print and sent in BLACK ONLY)
•  Acceptable digital media: ZIP disk or CD
•  Send copies of your file (do not send your only copy).
•  Be sure to embed or include all necessary fonts.
Minimum Resolution: 300 dpi (@ 100% artwork size)
Recommended Resolution: 600 dpi (@ 100% artwork size)


Pricing is good for artwork of a single standard color: Black, Dark Blue (PMS 287), Dark Green (PMS 336) and Bright Red (PMS 185).

For two-color artwork and PMS color matching, contact a Uline representative for special pricing at 1-800-295-5510. Two-color artwork cannot have bleeds, heavy coverage, tight registration, or traps.

Submission Method

Choose one of the following methods below to submit your artwork. Send your artwork after completing the checkout process.

Be sure to reference your Order Number in any correspondence.

•  Submit art via upload.

•  Submit art via e-mail to customdepartment@uline.com.

•  Submit art via mail:

    Attn: Custom Department
    2200 S. Lakeside Drive
    Waukegan, IL 60085

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