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"Get your motor running. Head out on the highway," sang Steppenwolf. For the trucking industry, that's been more costly to do since new hours of service regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) went into effect July 2013.

The rules are meant to combat driver fatigue, but, like most one-size-fits-all government solutions, they don't solve the problem and lead to increased inefficiencies and expense.

After a year under the new regulations, trucking companies report:

  • Decreased productivity – longer delivery times and more trucks on congested roads during peak traffic hours.
  • Driver shortages – due in part to reduced mileage and pay. The industry is expected to be short over 300,000 drivers
    by 2015.
  • Higher shipping rates for businesses and, ultimately, consumers.

These regulations really hit home. Uline relies on its shipping partners for dependable, on-time deliveries to you. They haven't let us down yet, but it is a struggle. Thank you FedEx, Con-way, JA Frate, Southeastern, Pitt Ohio, Averitt Express and all our shipping partners for your continued, reliable service to our customers.


What happens when a company with great employees and quality products competes in the marketplace?

  • They announce the construction of a second corporate office and distribution center.
  • They plan to hire 500 more employees at their corporate headquarters.
  • They make good-paying jobs available throughout the Milwaukee-Chicago corridor.
  • They help spur the economy.

Competition – it's in our DNA. We compete every day, at all levels. Sometimes we compete against each other on catalog cover designs. Sometimes we compete as teams at our annual corrugated boat race. And sometimes we compete within ourselves during our annual weight loss contest.

Healthy competition benefits everyone.

So what happens when a company with great employees and quality products competes in the marketplace? Everybody wins – especially our customers. And we thank you.

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