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The words of Tina Turner's great song keep going through my head as I write this.
What's Federal Government got to do with it?

Most Americans want Government to provide national defense, police protection and
highways. After that, how much Government do we want? Opinions vary.

Every time I turn around I hear someone mention they are applying for a grant to pay
for this or that. We print $85 billion a month because China and other countries don't
want to buy our debt anymore.

  • Wisconsin – $8.2 million for a proposed 2-mile expansion of Kenosha's downtown
    streetcar route.

  • Illinois – $25 million to the University of Illinois to study how to increase soybean
    yields in Africa. This might be wonderful for Africa but is it the best use of
    our paychecks?

  • Pennsylvania – $51.7 million "Race to the Top" grant for education

  • California – $135 million to expand light rail in Sacramento to Cosumnes
    River College. The largest competitive federal grant ever awarded to
    Sacramento for a transit project.

  • Texas – $1.7 million to the University of Texas at Austin to study methane
    hydrates (ice-like crystals under the sea floor with trapped methane gas).

  • Georgia – $275,000 to a professor at Georgia State University to study
    youth's attitudes toward flavored tobacco.

Liz Uihlein
  • Washington – $1.7 million to Washington State University for the study of the emergence, transmission and evolution of Tasmanian devil facial tumor disease.

  • Minnesota – $3.1 million to Minnesota's St. Cloud Regional Airport, even though it has no daily commercial service.

Is this the best use of our paychecks? What are we gonna do?

Way up north, Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin
Smokey's Dining

Over and over again we return to Manitowish Waters, Wisconsin. It's way up there – 300 miles north of Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Hiking, fishing, swimming, hunting, snowmobiling and skiing –
it's all there. The amazing scenery, spectacular wildlife
and the crystal-clear waters of the 10-lake chain are
certainly the main attraction.

Of course, there are plenty of nice places to stay,
shop and eat. Try dinner at Smokey's Supper Club,
a great place to dine with cozy atmosphere.

Share the Original "Up North" Experience with
your family, grandkids and friends.

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