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The presidential election is just around the corner. News outlets constantly focus on candidates and national issues, but there's a story happening outside our country that may affect us more than a new president – China's economic slowdown.

Last summer, China's stock exchange plummeted almost 40%, and they devalued their currency to fix the problem. It might have stopped them from collapsing, but they aren't growing the way they used to.

  • Devaluing China's currency makes their labor even cheaper, which may entice more U.S. companies to send manufacturing overseas.
  • China's booming construction industry has slowed dramatically. Now they have empty cities full of empty high-rises.
  • Automakers and luxury brands that export goods to China will feel the pain, too, as Chinese consumers won't have the money for these things.

Uline is committed to supporting U.S. manufacturing. 70% of the products we sell are manufactured in the U.S.

2016 could be a rough year. Let's make sure we choose a president who will focus on these important issues.

Child with phone

Spending time with my grandkids, I can't help but notice how much time they spend on their phones – even at family dinners.

With lnstagram, Snapchat and Facebook hijacking their attention, kids seem more disengaged from the real world.

And it's not just kids. How many adults are up-to-date on the latest celebrity buzz, but have no idea what the price of a barrel of oil is? The "news" they're getting from their social media feed isn't news – it's infotainment.

We need to spend more time unplugged, and parents have to set the example. Have an actual face-to-face conversation with family or friends – no phone in sight. Read a newspaper instead of just checking news feeds. Tech is great, but not if it keeps us from tuning in to what's most important.

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